Thursday, 6 December 2012

Time To Try Harder.

So it’s that time.  The Junior British Bouldering Team Trials are on Sunday, which is also the first round of the new Junior British Bouldering Championships. This is generally the time where all my worries are cropping up every day and I wonder if I did enough or did the right thing. But instead of thinking this, I am totally relaxed about it. There is nothing I can do now, apart from take it easy and rest. I know I can climb at a decent level and it’s time to put an effort in. I’m not quite sure what has triggered this new attitude, maybe a new massive level of psyche that has kicked in? Probably. But I just feel like there is no point in worrying, it only hinders you. So what I haven’t trained much recently? So what I’ve been ill? So what I’m not in the best shape I could be? All these things certainly haven’t helped my climbing, but it’s definitely given me a new insight into how I should look at my climbing. Even after a pretty big break of not climbing much and not climbing well, the past couple of weeks have really looked up, and I just hope I don’t let myself, and others, down on Sunday.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I competed in the Battle of Britain at The Depot Leeds. Which was a stupid idea. I had an awful cold and I wasn’t fit to compete at all, I let the idiotic side of me trash myself in the comp. I missed out on finals and left feeling in even worse shape, tired and miserable. But life goes on, and the next comp was the Monday after at the Foundry, which again wasn’t such a fantastic idea. Needless to say I felt weak and tired and ill. I think you are probably getting the idea. The following Friday I competed in the bouldering league at The Climbing Works. Guess what? I felt weak, not as weak as I had previously been but still, nowhere near the level I usually climb at. I still managed to win the juniors and the seniors, probably due to some people not handing in their scorecards. But still, a wins a win. 

After a few sessions I started to feel slightly stronger, and I gradually got rid of my cold and my strength began to return, sort of. Then the Saturday just gone there was the round of the NIBL at the works, I really wanted to do well in this comp, and I thought I would as I felt quite strong when I was warming up. But for some reason when I climbed I kept fumbling holds and I didn’t feel like I was trying, maybe my body was tired or not fully recovered from being ill. Not making excuses or anything... But in the end I came fourth in the senior women’s, alright I suppose.

After more sessions of just loads of climbing, I definitely feel like my strength and climbing is getting there now, and I’ve just been enjoying climbing, trying a lot of fun problems, and brushing up on my funky dyno skills for Sunday.

Also, I joined the gym at college today, which I will start to go to quite a bit after this comp. I’m doing this for a few reasons. And if you read my last blog you might have an idea of them. But I feel I have a healthier goal now. And I’ve also sorted out my revision and college work so my head feels in a much better place.

Tomorrow night is my last session, be it a very easy one, before the comp. I don’t know if I’m going to make it on to the British Team. All I can do is put my everything into every problem and wait and see. All I know is that if I do make it on to the team, my amount of psyche will be insane and I will be training like a mentalist. I want to be able to make my climbing to go extraordinary places. And personally, I don’t see why it can’t. 

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