Friday, 23 March 2012

So, i have a blog now..

Right, got a blog, best get blogging.

so this year has been alright so far, but more details will be coming. 

So tomorrow is the final round of the Northern Indoor Bouldering League, and i really would like to win, the competitive side of my nature is in full swing. Let's just hope this blocked nostril doesn't interfere, i hate colds. The final round is in Manchester at Rockover climbing, which should be good to visit as i've never been there before, always interesting to climb on a new wall!

Bit of other news, a company called Climb The Universe very kindly offered to sponsor me, which is amazing, and for their website they created a short little video of me, which i love, thanks guys!

I also got sponsored by Red Chilli this year, which was great news, and I began to feel i was accomplishing something, always good. 

Anyway, i think thats enough for my first blog, ill be putting more detailed ones up in the near future anyway, peace out!

This is the video of me for climb the universe. 

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