Sunday, 25 March 2012

Did the nostril interfere? of course it didn't!

so, another blog, try and make this one a bit more detailed, let's go from the top..

It's saturday morning and setting off from rotherham the weather looked grim, thick fog everywhere, then as we got nearer manchester for the NIBL comp, the sun was blazing, amazing weather, of course i would have a comp. and the cold was pretty much gone! But not to be distracted by the immense weather i got my game face on, arriving at Rock over i felt pretty good, chilled for a little while then got warming up. i hate warming up at new walls, i feel a bit more hesitant to throw myself about and get my shoulders working incase i look like a nutcase. anyway, onto the comp. so i got straight on to a few easy climbs, got some flashes in the bag, looking good so far. And with some sort of luck/strength or maybe a combination of both (maybe thats what comps are about?..) i managed to flash 17 out of 25 problems, which was my personal best! I also managed to get 2 bonus holds, putting me at 172, which i was quite happy about.

As i watched the other junior girls i prayed i had done enough to win, for me, that's the best bit. and it was looking pretty good, Sid (my main competition) was not climbing very well, but we all have off days, and i felt for her, because of ive been in that position plenty of times.

So after having some lunch, and listening to Jason Pickles talk about his recent trip to Yopo wall i think it was, it was time for the finals.

One thing that angered me quite a bit was the fact i wasn't allowed in the finals, i would have qualified through finals in 4th if i was in the seniors, but because im a junior a wasn't allowed in. i mean, i was in the semi's at the CWIF and im a junior, what is that about?

but moving on, because i wasn't in the finals me and my dad decided to head to the works to watch Life On Hold, so after watching a bit of the finals we headed off, me unknowing to whether i had won or not, talk about patience..

as we got to the works, i saw a few friends, Tash, Ethan and Ed so we chilled for a bit and had a bit of a natter, then i got a message on my phone, and a friend from the NIBL had let me know i had won!! man i was so happy! Tash got a bit of a rugby tackle as i ran and hugged her, proper kid me, Ethan and Ed looked a little afraid..

 Anyway, i had won the final round and won overall, i just checked the points and in the final round i won by 25 points, putting me in the lead overall by just 4 points! so close!

After a bit of waiting, and an awesome talk off Chris Webb Parsons that was very inspiring and very funny, it was time to watch the film, i thought it was pretty good, full of immense climbers.

afterwards, i wondered whether i was still alive, after been out of the house since 9:30am, then not getting in till 11:30pm, it was way past my bedtime. waking up this morning was a bit of a mission, especially knowing there was such amazing weather and i had to work. not long until holidays now though!

So i guess thats all, my god i can ramble on! bit of a hectic weekend it was! peace out!

well here's a few pics from one of the problems i got the bonus on, but couldn't finish..

 just got the bonus in this pic, now to release the knee-bar and avoid the swing..

 released the knee-bar, held the swing, got my heel on, matched, looked up, and thought 'what the hell?'
as you can see from the photo, the next hold was a while away..

me and my dad looking at the problem, would like to thank my dad for taking me everywhere and paying for all the comps and helping me out, cheers dad!!

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